Xinlor House

Nestled in the heart of Phuket Town, Xinlor House serves as an ideal base for travelers looking to discover the vibrant island of Phuket. This charming hotel caters to the needs of both business travelers and leisure seekers, providing an array of top-notch facilities and services tailored to satisfy even the most discerning guests. Upon arrival at Xinlor House, guests are greeted and guided by the property's dedicated service-oriented staff, who promise to make every stay as enjoyable and seamless as possible. Each guestroom is thoughtfully designed and equipped with a range of modern amenities to guarantee a restful night's sleep. In select rooms, guests can enjoy the added luxury of a flat-screen television, complimentary instant coffee, a full-length mirror, cozy slippers, and a comfortable sofa. Beyond the comforts of the guestrooms, Xinlor House offers an enticing selection of recreational activities for guests to indulge in. Whether it's lounging by the pool, hitting the nearby beaches or exploring the bustling town, guests will find no shortage of leisure pursuits to suit their interests. In short, for an unforgettable stay in Phuket, complete with reliable service and a team of professional staff, Xinlor House is the ultimate choice for discerning travelers in search of comfort and convenience.

Hotel Name: Xinlor House

Full Address: 78 Dibuk Rd., Phuket

Area: 78 Dibuk Rd.

Region: Phuket

Country: Thailand

Room Check In Time: 14:00

Room Check Out Time: 12:00

Number of Rooms: 17

Accommodation Type: Hotel