Phang Nga Bay James Bond Island

Khao Ping Kan is a small island in the Andaman Sea, about 25 kilometers north of Phuket. It is a unique geological phenomenon, formed by millions of years of erosion and sedimentation. It is also a very beautiful place, with its white sand beaches and clear blue waters. Many tourists visit this place every year, but there are some who think it is not worth visiting.

The island of Mustique is an island located in the Grenadines archipelago in the Caribbean Sea. It is a private island owned by the Heineken family. The island is famous for its beaches, luxury hotels and restaurants, and its proximity to the other islands of the Grenadines. The island is also known for its association with the James Bond films.

Before James Bond Island, the island was known by its local name: Koh Tapau, which means ‘nail island’ for the pointier rock, and Koh Phi Khang, which means ‘hills leaning against each other’.

After the release of the movie, the popularity increased dramatically. The same thing happened with ‘The Beach” in Phi Phi Island after DiCaprio 2000 movie and the Sky Bar at the Lebua Hotel in Thailand after the movie “The Hangover II“.

How to visit Phang Nga Bay James Bond Island

This island is one of the most visited islands in Thailand. There are many tours available, including snorkeling, kayaking, hiking, and visiting the local villages. You can also go diving at Koh Panyi, a small island just offshore.

What’s Good on Phang Nga Bay James Bond Island

  • The island is located in Phang Nga bay, and the cruise from Phukets to the island is spectacular.
  • The island is a natural wonder. It is a beautiful place to visit and photograph. The movie producers chose the island because it is a natural curiosity and an excellent photo opportunity.
  • It’s fun to watch movies where the characters go into a cave or a mountain and then come out again. But when you actually visit these locations, you realise they don’t really exist.
  • It’s a part of a beautiful daytrip to Phang Nga Bay, which usually includes lunch at the surprisingly floating village of Koh Panyi.
  • You can also buy and eat some delicious fresh squid (Moo Haeng) at any seafood market.

What’s Not So Good on Phang Nga Bay James Bond Island

  • James Bond Island is a popular tourist destination, and the place is packed with vendors selling all kinds of merchandise.
  • The place is crowded during high season, with lots and lots of long-tail boat tours and lots and lots of people posing for photos in front of the rock. You know the sill shot similar like the Pisa Tower: “Oh look! I’m holding it!” Fun times!

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