Discover the Charm of Kamala Beach: Top Hotels for an Unforgettable Stay

Kamala Beach, nestled on Phuket’s west coast, is an idyllic spot for travelers seeking tranquility and natural beauty. This guide highlights some of the best hotels in Kamala Beach, each offering unique amenities and experiences to make your stay unforgettable.

1. At Kamala Hotel

Address: 104/8 Moo 3 Rim Had Road, Kamala Beach, Phuket

At Kamala Hotel is a cozy retreat just a stone’s throw from the beach. Guests can enjoy modern rooms equipped with all essential amenities, a rooftop swimming pool, and an on-site restaurant serving delectable local cuisine. The hotel’s prime location ensures easy access to Kamala’s vibrant nightlife and dining options.

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2. Chelay Resort Kamala

Address: 67/59 Moo 5 Kamala Beach, Phuket

Chelay Resort Kamala offers a serene escape with its spacious villas and tropical gardens. Each villa comes with a private pool, providing an intimate setting for relaxation. The resort’s close proximity to the beach allows for leisurely walks along the shoreline and convenient access to water sports activities.

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3. Chollada Inn Kamala

Address: 66/4 Moo 3 Kamala Beach, Phuket

Chollada Inn Kamala is a budget-friendly option without compromising on comfort. The inn offers well-appointed rooms and a welcoming atmosphere. Guests can enjoy complimentary breakfast and easy access to nearby attractions, making it a perfect choice for travelers on a budget.

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4. Citygate Kamala Resort and Residence

Address: 71/21 Moo 3 Kamala Beach, Phuket

Citygate Kamala Resort and Residence boasts modern luxury with its chic design and top-notch facilities. The resort features a rooftop infinity pool, fitness center, and several dining options. Its spacious rooms and suites are perfect for families and couples seeking a stylish getaway.

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5. Divine Homes Resort

Address: 58/15 Moo 5 Kamala Beach, Phuket

Divine Homes Resort offers a blend of comfort and luxury. With its contemporary design and extensive facilities, including a spa and wellness center, guests can indulge in ultimate relaxation. The resort is known for its exceptional service and attention to detail.

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6. Ginis Beach Resort

Address: 73/183 Moo 3 Kamala Beach, Phuket

Ginis Beach Resort is ideal for travelers looking for a beachfront experience. The resort features spacious rooms with sea views, an outdoor pool, and a beachfront restaurant. Guests can enjoy direct access to the beach and various water activities.

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7. Ice Kamalabeach Hotel

Address: 108/1 Moo 3 Kamala Beach, Phuket

Ice Kamalabeach Hotel offers contemporary accommodations with a focus on comfort and convenience. The hotel’s location near the beach and local attractions makes it a great choice for exploring Kamala. Guests can relax at the hotel’s pool or enjoy a meal at the on-site restaurant.

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8. Intercontinental Phuket Resort

Address: 333 Moo 3 Kamala Beach, Phuket

Intercontinental Phuket Resort epitomizes luxury with its elegant design and extensive amenities. The resort features multiple swimming pools, a world-class spa, and gourmet dining options. Its beachfront location offers stunning views and easy access to Kamala’s pristine sands.

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9. Kamala Beach Estate Hotel

Address: 33/6 Moo 6 Kamala Beach, Phuket

Kamala Beach Estate Hotel provides a peaceful retreat with its private villas and lush gardens. Each villa offers direct beach access and stunning sea views, making it a perfect choice for those seeking seclusion and luxury.

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10. Kamala Beach Residence

Address: 88/6 Moo 3 Kamala Beach, Phuket

Kamala Beach Residence offers comfortable accommodations with a homely feel. The residence is perfect for long stays and provides all necessary amenities for a relaxing vacation. Its location near the beach and local shops ensures a convenient stay.

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11. Kamala Tropical Garden Hotel

Address: 81/16 Moo 3 Kamala Beach, Phuket

Kamala Tropical Garden Hotel is a charming boutique hotel surrounded by tropical gardens. The hotel offers cozy rooms, an outdoor pool, and an on-site restaurant serving local delicacies. Its tranquil setting is ideal for a relaxing getaway.

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12. Princess Kamala Beachfront Hotel

Address: 77/1 Moo 3 Kamala Beach, Phuket

Princess Kamala Beachfront Hotel combines elegance with comfort. The hotel’s beachfront location and luxurious amenities, including a spa and multiple dining options, ensure a memorable stay. Guests can enjoy panoramic sea views and easy access to the beach.

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13. Ratana Apart-Hotel at Kamala

Address: 73/65 Moo 3 Kamala Beach, Phuket

Ratana Apart-Hotel at Kamala offers modern apartments with all the comforts of home. The hotel features a fitness center, outdoor pool, and convenient access to Kamala Beach. It’s an excellent option for families and long-term stays.

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Whether you’re seeking luxury, tranquility, or budget-friendly options, Kamala Beach has a hotel to suit every traveler’s needs. Each of these accommodations offers a unique experience, ensuring that your stay in Phuket is as enjoyable and memorable as possible.

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